About Us

About the Artist

I am a husband, father, Freemason, photographer and artist, wildlife enthusiast and human becoming. I have a deep love for nature and find unprecedented beauty each and every time I venture out with my camera. It is my sincere wish that you derive as much joy from my art as I felt while creating it.

About the Art

When photographing animals, my goal is to capture a glimpse into their lives as well as their personality. So many creatures are so very misunderstood yet they are essential to the delicate balance of the ecosystems we live in. I hope that my work helps people appreciate the complexity and fragility of all organisms.

With landscapes and plant life, I aim to take the viewer into the shot to experien

About Philtered Studios

Philtered Studios was created for the purpose of displaying, sharing, and making available for purchase, my creations.

Philtered is a play on the word 'filtered' -as in camera filters- but also has its own meaning. A 'philter' is defined as a potion, charm, or drug supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love, usually with some specific person. Therefore, 'philtered' is having been enchan


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